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Welcome to Matrix D'Affaires

"We provoke impressive expressions, thus the sky is only a starting point

We are development facilitators that aid our clients optimize their idea conceptions and stick to them effectively in adventure towards attainment of the zenith of expressions via hearty deployment of professional solutions and services as required.
As such, we are your most prefered partner in progress if you happen to be a budding individual, organization or nation.
One thing you are assured of is fulfillment for daring to try us.

Agri-business Solutions

We provide a range of agro based business solutions that include capacity building, equipment sourcing, supplies and agri-cultural structures design, development and maintenance.

Automotive Solutions

We also help with whatever automotive needs that you may require to include vehicle supply, machinery, tools, components, spare's e.t.c.

Business Development

We provide business support and advice; which includes market analytics, branding, human capacity development e.t.c..


Automotive solutions.
Agribusiness solutions.
Business Information Systems.
Institutional Capacity Development.


Phone: +234 (0)809 99 33 100
or : +234 (0)802 37 58 297