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Our Products

As we have chosen to trade in values, our products are correctly identified as solutions. Thus, like the octopus, we have solution tentacles reaching deep in the automotive, agricultural and infrastructural sectors in addition to general business solutions. Our generic expressions for each sector that clearly display our versatility are highlighted below:

Technical Solutions

Automotive Solutions

International automotive components/vehicles technical/distribution partnership brokerage and facilitation.

Vehicle purchase advisory & fleet management services .

Customized & generic vehicles development, sales/supplies.

Workshops, Laboratories & Training Facility Development (design, construction, equipment installations & maintenance).

Agri-business Solutions

Agribusiness capacity development .

Agricultural structures design, development & maintenance .

Agricultural tools/equipment & machineries design, development, supplies, installation and maintenance

Business Development Solutions

Business Information Systems

Business Advisory, Documentation & Support Services, 
Market Research & Intelligence Services ,
Brand, Products & Marketing Management Services,

Institutional Capacity Development

Human Capital Recruitment, Training & Development ,
Management Consulting on Integrated Products, Processes, Structures & Markets Development, 
Projects & Corporate Events Management


Automotive solutions.
Agribusiness solutions.
Business Information Systems.
Institutional Capacity Development.


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or : +234 (0)802 37 58 297